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Service for anonymizing Bitcoin transactions, breaking the blockchain connection

  1. + 0.0003 BTC per each address

Reliable Bitcoin Mixer for Anonymous Financial Transactions

Why Do I Need a Bitcoin Mixer?

A Bitcoin mixer is an essential tool for ensuring anonymity in the world of cryptocurrencies. Its role is to break the links between your transactions before and after its use. Let's explore why it is so crucial and how it operates.

1. Breaking the Links

You send your Bitcoins from your address to the mixer's address. This is where the process of breaking the links between your Bitcoins and your addresses begins. The mixer receives your Bitcoins and sends you Bitcoins from its pre-mixed reserve. In this reserve, the Bitcoins are entirely unrelated to your addresses.

2. Invisibility to Observers

Anyone analyzing the transaction chain in the blockchain won't be able to determine that a change of ownership of the Bitcoins occurred. So, even if someone is monitoring your financial activity, they won't be able to identify a change in ownership of the Bitcoins. This ensures anonymity for your transaction in the blockchain.

3. Uselessness of Subsequent Bitcoins

After passing through the mixer, your Bitcoins become nearly impossible to trace. Anyone attempting to track their subsequent movement will encounter difficulties in identifying their origin. This means that your financial activity remains concealed.


A Bitcoin Mixer is a potent tool for ensuring anonymity in the world of cryptocurrencies. It severs the links between your Bitcoins and your addresses, making your financial activity invisible to observers. This is crucial for safeguarding your privacy and security in a cryptocurrency-dominated world.