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Bitcoin wallet, focused on privacy and anonimity

Mon, 21 Sep 2020 10:50:45 GMT

We launched a Blender Wallet website with fully functional integration of the mixer.

Now all the functions of the mixer are available right in the wallet account.

If you've already used the mixer and you have a mixing code, add it into the wallet and you'll keep your current level of security.

Send bitcoins, which are in no way connected in the blockchain to yours, to multiple addresses with a convenient delay up to a week.

Except for the mixer, we added many features that will help you preserve your anonimity in the blockchain:

  1. Address control with an opportunity to freeze addresses also allows you to manually choose addresses that you want to spend.

    In case of the dust attacks you can freeze the marked addresses so you don't breach you privacy by spending them.

  2. An opportunity to create multiple wallets in one account allows you to separate different input transactions (exchanges with kyc, exchanges without kyc, markets, personal savings, private individuals).

    For example, it will help you to avoid sending coins from the exchange without KYC to the exchange with strong KYC, where they might get blocked)

  3. Full compatibility with SegWit addresses provides you with opportunity to transfer bitcoins from and to any addresses.

  4. A seed phrase allows you to restore your wallet with the bip 0049 and bip 0089 standarts in other wallets.

  5. An opportunity to label addresses and transactions and also an apportunity to search through them will allow you to quickly find the transfers you need.

  6. You can specify several recipients in one sending.

  7. No hidden fees are present in the wallet, you pay only a usual fee to the mixer service, in case you use it.

  8. Service is created by the mixer team, which has been flawlessly working for 3 years and received high rates in the ratings all over the world.

  9. Technical support via email and jabber will help you resolve any occuring problems, and the telegram chat will allow to communicate with other users of the wallet, mixer and with official representatives of the services.